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Core business

The research includes photonic crystal sensor surfaces for refractometric imaging, opto-thermal actuation and laser manipulation, nanoplasmonics for integrated delivery of light at the nanoscale, and plasmonic color metasurfaces for decoration and laser nano-lithography. This research is supported by polymer micro-fabrication technology research and development .

Research related to the project

In Chromavision, DTU Nanotech has focus on developing production grade, injection moulded plastic chips for the Chromavision platform. This includes design and validation of cell traps, on-chip lysing, and chromosome extraction as well as integrated optics for capturing and delivery of individual chromosomes.

Chromosome Chip DTU is working on


Darmin Catak

Research assistant

Anders Kristensen

Professor, PI

Rodolphe Marie

Associate professor

Airidas Zukauskas

Research assistant