A new grant that is the continuation of Chromavision

Congratulations To Chromavision Partners On The Award Of A Danish Novo Nordisk Grant To Study Human Chromosomes

To further our understanding of the function and structure of human chromosomes, a three-year grant with a total budget of 14,540,000 DKK (about 1.95 million EUR) was awarded recently to a team of scientists by the Novo Nordisk Foundation as part of their Interdisciplinary Synergy Program. This team of scientists is lead by Prof. Ian Hickson, and composed by three partners of Chromavision (Professors Ian Hickson from UCPH, Anders Kristensen from DTU, Denmark and Gijs Wuite from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), as well as Prof. Eva Hoffmann at UCPH.


The research project proposed by this team of scientists is called ‘ChromaCapture’, with the aim of capturing and imaging human chromsomes out side of a cell. This is an ambitious project built on the knowledge and expertise that has been obtained from the work involved in Chromavision. Regarding the challenges of ChromaCapture in the next three years, Prof. Ian Hickson says there are two issues he and his team have to solve: ‘Firstly, we can only analyze one or two chromosomes a day, and we must have greatly increased that number. Secondly, we have so far only been able to analyze chromosomes from cells grown in a laboratory, and it will be much more complicated to do the same with samples taken directly from patients”.


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