Denmark Technical University

  • DTU develops a process chain for manufacture of plastic Lab-on-a-chip by injection moulding.
  • Plastic lab-on-a-chip is developed to replace current glass-chip technology in Lumick’s instruments for integrated optical trapping and STED. Lab-on-a-chip systems are developed to emulate chromatin segregation and to capture individual chromosomes from a single cell.
  • Optical functionality is added to the plastic chips by integrating optical metasurfaces, e.g. lenses and lens-arrays to create a ”mine-field” of optical traps to collect and store individual chromosomes for further analysis.

Laser printed optics. Ultra-thin Fresnel Zone lenses are laser printed on nano-structured template metasurfaces. The template metasurface comprises an array of nano-scale cylinders (diameter and height around 100 nm), with a thin (approximately 100 nm) film of Silicon deposited to form isolated nano-disks on top of each cylinder. The concentric rings forming the lens, are defined by scanning the beam of a pulsed laser, to re-shape or ablate – as illustrated here – the nano-disks. The picture to the right shows a microscope image of a laser written lens.