Lumicks develops a Super-resolution Correlative Tweezers Fluorescence Microscope. This microscope combines super-resolution fluorescence with optical manipulation. The instrument will be able to capture, manipulate and image full chromosomes in all their complexity and will be able to zoom in to reveal details of dynamic processes such as chromosome condensation and separation.

FET Innovation Launchpad Grant – 852146 – LABELFREE


 Cell imaging techniques have advanced tremendously over the last few decades, providing high-resolution real-time information about numerous biological processes. One important way scientists have been able to capture processes that have occurred or tag molecules of interest is with the use of fluorescent labels. However, that technique can add time, money and obviously a modification to native molecules and structures. Through a FET Innovation Launchpad Grant the EU has funded further development and commercialization of the LUMICKS phi-SCAT label free imaging technology which was originally developed under the CHROMAVISION FET-OPEN Grant.

This project has allowed LUMICKS to develop a prototype and explore the market potential for a new label free imaging modality for the C-Trap optical tweezers platform. Various implementations of the imaging modality have been explored and evaluated and the most promising implementation has been selected for further product development. The power of the technology was demonstrated using live cell imaging and single molecule experiments. LUMICKS will continue developments to push sensitivity and imaging speed before introducing the modality on the C-Trap platform.